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Digestive Aid

Digestive Aid

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Tummy troubles be gone! Let's get your digestion back on point. 

1. Gold Standard (500 mL)
 pineapple, cucumber, lemon, ginger
Benefits: digestive aid, skin purifying, immunity boosting

2.  Mint Condition (500 mL)
Ingredients: pear, apple, cucumber, swiss chard, mint
Benefits: digestive aid, detoxifying, anti-oxidizing

3. Heat Wave (500 mL)
Ingredients: filtered water, cayenne pepper, lemon, maple syrup
Benefits: metabolism boosting, lowers blood pressure, relieves migraine pain

4. Gut Shot (30 mL)
Ingredients: apple cider vinegar, chamomile, honey
Benefits: stomach soothing, prevents indigestion, anti-viral

5. Ginger Shot (30 mL)
Ingredients: ginger
Benefits: digestive aid, alleviates nausea, immune boosting

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