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Cleanse - Gentle

Cleanse - Gentle

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This gentle reset is perfect for you if:

  • it's your first time cleansing
  • you lead an active lifestyle & need more protein
  • sweeter juices are your preference

During this time, the cleanse will help to: 

  • flush out toxins
  • increase energy 
  • restore alkalinity
  • normalize digestion
  • reduce inflammation
  • relieve bloating 
  • reduce sugar cravings

Our cleanse is comprised of six 500 ml juices, providing your body with a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals, while regenerating and cleansing your cells.

First Thing: Electric Avenue
Ingredients: filtered water, blue spirulina, lemon, maple syrup
Benefits: anti-inflammatory, muscle recovery, source of protein

Mid-Morning: Magnetic
Ingredients: orange, carrot, pineapple, turmeric 
Benefits: skin purifying, anti-inflammatory, immunity boosting

Around Noon: Cashew Milk
Ingredients: cashews, filtered water, dates, vanilla, sea salt
Benefits: source of healthy fats & magnesium, heart healthy

Late Afternoon: Eden
Ingredients: pineapple, kale, cucumber, lime 
Benefits: detoxifying, skin purifying, energizing

Evening: Gateway
Ingredients: apple, cucumber, celery, spinach, parsley
Benefits: digestive aid, detoxifying, anti-oxidizing

Last Thing: Grounded
Ingredients: beet, carrot, apple, ginger
Benefits: heart healthy, liver cleansing, anti-inflammatory

$55.00 per day | * juices subject to change based on availability

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