Looking to hit reset? Our cleanse gives you and your body the tools it needs to kickstart a new health goal. Not only is it an ideal way to give your body the nutrients it needs from produce, it also gives your system a break to detoxify and attend to issues it hasn’t had time to deal with.

We know that the word “cleanse” can sound a little scary, but rest assured we’ve made it easy for you to clear your mind, rejuvenate your digestive system and radiate your natural glow. We’ve taken the guesswork out of cleansing – giving you delicious, nutrient-dense juices that leave you feeling refreshed and satisfied. Our cleanse is comprised of six 500 mL juices, all providing your body with a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals while regenerating and cleansing your cells.

To make things easier for you, we offer delivery to your home or office. Instructions are always included with your cleanse and self-study is always encouraged.

We currently offer a 1 day cleanse, but if you're looking to do a more intense flush, you can always add 3-5 days worth of single cleanses to your basket.

You can shop for our Gentle Cleanse here, Standard Cleanse here & Expert Cleanse here.